Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just a Thought..

I was sitting in church last week and the pastor was talking about marriage. He was talking about a book and the subtitle was:
What if Marriage is Supposed to Make Us Holy not Happy?

Now think about that for just a moment...society tell us we need to find our 'soul-mate' so we can be happy for ever, never be alone, and grow old together. But when it comes down to it, that isn't really the purpose of marriage now is it?

The truth is, marriage is hard work. Yes we all have our happy moments and moments where we laugh so hard tears come pouring out of our eyes, but in reality, there is a lot of giving up of oneself and compromising because we want to keep our spouses happy too. In some instences, we give up our own means of happiness because we don't want our spouse to give up anymore of their happiness. Or on the flip side, we are so selfish and think we have given up so much already we don't care if our spouse suffers. It takes years of hard work and lots of prayer to learn to come to a happy medium in your marriage. My husband and I have been married for four months, sometimes it feels like we have been together forever because we seem to flow so well together. Other times it feels like I have married a stranger and I have no idea what I am doing or how I even got there.

This brings me back to that title-What if marriage is supposed to make us Holy and not Happy? My husband and I have a lot of good examples of what a marriage is supposed to look like, and it's true, your marriage is supposed to make you more holy and more like Jesus. Jesus sacrificed so much and gave up everything for us because He loved us SO MUCH. Jesus didn't care what the price was, He just wanted to be with us. He was beaten and killed because of His love for us. A holy and just love. This is how I want to love my husband. I want to learn to love him so much that I would allow myself to be sacrificed over him so he could continue on in this life telling others about such a love.

My conclusion: Marriage is supposed to make us Holy and more like Jesus, not make us happy. Happiness fades, but love, joy, and holiness last forever.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Rise Against - Hero Of War

Hero of War.

My brother came home the other day after being gone since January. He joined the military and over the last several months was going through boot camp and technical training. He became an MP (military police) with high security clearance. Because of his clearance, he could be deployed to any military base with any branch. We are grateful that his first term will be in Montana where he will be safe, at least for now. Who knows what plans God has for him.
My brother is third generation military, he is in the Air Force, both of my parents, grandpa and my uncle were in the Army, and I had a couple uncles in the Navy. To say the least, I come from a strong military background.

My dad served in Desert Storm, and my uncle who was in the Army spent some time fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. My grandpa was called to active duty for the Bay of Pigs conflict with Cuba. They have sacrificed so much, not just themselves, but their families.

My brother said his new favorite song is "Hero of War." Every time I listen to it the tears won't stop. These men have given up so much, they don't want to fight, but they know they have to to keep us free and safe in this country. Curious boys who want to see the world have to quickly turn into men as they face reality.

This song pulls at my heart strings. My husband and I want to go and be missionaries to these people-these people that our military men are trying to keep us safe from. The part of the song where he sings: "She walked through bullets and haze.." shatters my heart to pieces... woman and children are being sacrificed because of the stupidity of men... They have no hope, they are shown no love. They need Jesus. They need someone to open their eyes and change their hearts.

I remember when my uncle got back from Iraq the first time, he was a different person. Hatred and sadness filled his eyes. I have never seen him so vulnerable in my life. War changed him. I was wanting to go to Northern Iraq to see the culture and share with the world that there is more going on in that country than hopelessness and war. I will never forget what he said to me. He was so angry that I wanted to go over there, he said, "I have seen young men as young as 18 and 19 years old die over there. People have died trying to keep you safe and you are going to be stupid and go over there and throw it all away." I didn't know what to say.

How do you say no to a calling that Almighty God himself has given you? How do you tell your friends and family that you might end up in a war zone giving people HOPE, when they all think you are losing your mind and you are going to lose your life? How do you get people to understand that you are going to bring Jesus and LIFE to a Muslim community when that community wants to see you die because you are a Christian and you are from America? How do you make people understand that there is more than just the physical battle-but a spiritual one as well, and we are all apart of God's Military? How???

Sometimes you cannot make people understand. They will wonder if you have lost your mind for the rest of your life. You might die, and all they will say is, "If they were more careful with their lives, they might still be here with us today. They died because of their stupidity." REMEMBER THIS: we are not here to play is safe, to stay in our comfy little houses drinking our soy chi lattes. We were placed here on this earth to win a battle. Whether that spiritual battle for you is down the street or across the world, it is a battle that needs to be fought with pride and integrity.

I am proud of the military men serving our country. I am also proud of our missionaries out there serving our KING. Pray for them as you celebrate Independence day. God bless.