Wednesday, November 16, 2011

El Paso Trip

I used to be brave to the point of recklessness, then I popped out a baby.  Now things that used to be no big deal to me before, terrify me!  This last week I went to El Paso to visit a friend for a week.  It took me a little while to decide if I wanted to drive 8 hours with a baby in the back seat all by myself, or take a 50 min plane ride.  Silly I know, but it did take me a couple weeks to decide!  To be completely honest I had moments of panic throughout the whole process!  I am hear to let you all know, I have made it.  Baby and mommy are still alive.

The trip started out on a Friday, my husband drove me down the the valley where we stayed the night at my grandpa's house because my plane was leaving early the next morning.  We did not take a pack-n-play for Baby to sleep in, to be honest we did not even think about it because there was one waiting for us in El Paso.  I thought her sleeping on the floor on a few blankets would be fine.  In case you are wondering, if you have a very active baby, this is a very bad idea.  I put her down at 8, like we do every night, but she did not stay asleep.  We heard her crying and screaming through the bedroom door, and my husband went to her rescue to see what was wrong.  Some how... she had crawled underneath the bed and all he could see were her two little feet sticking out!  It was dark and she could not figure out how to turn herself around under the bed...  We had a good laugh, after she was comforted of course, then moved her little pallet to a different location and put her back to bed.

It wasn't even ten minutes later when we could hear her through the door again!  This time, she had somehow gotten into my suit case, found the bag of q-tips and crawled to the door... all in the dark.  When we opened the door to see what she was up to we were met with a cheeky smile, as if she was saying, "Look what I found!"

After that we decided to let her play in the living room for another hour or so to get out all of her wiggles.  Baby used this opportunity to show off to her great grandpa with all the new skills she was learning.  She loves to be the center of attention!  I have no idea where she gets that from... no idea at all...

The third and final time we put her to sleep that night, we decided that the floor was a bad idea, so we found an empty over sized suit case, put a pillow and a blanket in it, then put Baby on top.  She slept through the night not even waking up once!

I love my little angel, but I am pretty sure I now know where gray hair comes from...

Monday, October 31, 2011

First Words?

Yesterday my husband and I were in the kitchen preparing food for dinner.  Baby was sitting in her bumbo in the living room hanging out and enjoying herself.  We have been blessed with a very happy baby!  We were talking to Baby and she was babbling away and squealing with joy and excitement.  Oh how I love her from the innermost part of my being!

My husband and I were talking to her, and I told her,"I love you!" She smiled a great big smile and repeated, "I yuv ooo!"  It was as clear as day!  Of course both I and the husband had a little freak out moment not believing our ears, but we were both convinced she had repeated what I said.  Our suspicions were confirmed when Baby repeated "I yuv ooo" to a dear friend of ours a couple hours later!

Our child's first words-first sentence-first phrase is I LOVE YOU!  I don't know about you, but that makes me just a tad giddy inside.  I really want to march up and down the street bragging to every person that walks by!  But that would be just a little conceited... don't you think?

Baby how I love you!  You bring me so much joy and happiness!  My heart cannot express what you have done for the innermost parts of my soul!

I yuv ooo!

Her wild hair!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Humphreys Peak

Humphreys Peak elevation of 12,633 feet, Arizona's highest peek.  I attempted this mountain September the 24th with my husband.  It was one of the most difficult hikes I have attempted in my life-but so worth it in the end.  The normal 6 to 8 hour hike took us about 10 hours to complete due to my not so physical fitness and lack of experience hiking such tall mountains! :)  I also had the bright idea to wear brand new hiking shoes on this trip which caused my feet to die and fall off in the end.  Seriously.  For those of you wondering, no we did not take baby on this trip!  This was my husbands idea of a date. ;)

Enjoy the photos my husband and I took on this wonderful adventure!

We started the trip at 8 am ready and excited!

It was so beautiful out there

Originally I thought this was the peek and was excited to be almost to the top!  But I was wrong.. we still had a little ways to go..
Getting close!  11,400 ft
We made it to the saddle!
Sporting off his wonderful purse!  We decided that next time we should invest in a slightly bigger back pack so we can fit our lunches in it!
There are three false peaks on this hike.  I thought we were getting close to the top...only to discover that we still had a ways to go.  I had a little moment of depression but kept pressing on!
I love him a lot!
It was amazing to see God's creation from new heights.
Not quite to the top yet... but well above the tree line!
Do you see the peak in the distance?!

We made it to the top and sat down to enjoy the awesomeness that surrounded us.  No words could express the glory of our God from the top of that mountain!
It was a lot of hard work, but through mostly stubbornness and pride, and of course the amazing man I like to call my husband, I made it to the top of the highest peak in Arizona!

There is a box at the top of the mountain where people can leave items or notes in.  Also, there is a notebook you can sign showing that you made it all the way!

Unfortunately, the next thought that popped into my head after admiring all of this beauty was-Now I have to go back down!! 
Of course, he couldn't leave the mountain top without doing his famous pose!

To my wonderful husband,
     Thank you for believing in me when no one else would.  Thank you for pushing me to new limits that I never new I was capable of.  You are my rock and I thank God every second that he allows you to stay in my life.  I love you more than you will ever know.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Learning From New Adventures.

The other day my wonderful family and super duper friend Lauri went hiking.  I had a lot of fun, but I have this terrible habbit of leaving everyone behind!  I get in this strange gung-ho hiking mindset and just can't stop!  Which wasn't the best towards the end of the trip considering I ended up being the only one with water in the end....

It was about four hours round trip from beginning to the end.  With baby with us we had to make a lot of pit stops in shady places.  While we were hiking Lauri spotted some prickly pear, so being the adventurous bunch we are, we had to try some.  In the end this proved to be a terrible idea for me...  My husband being the wonderful man he is, thought he pealed all the prickle's off the prickly pear.  Unfortunately the one prickle that was left behind ended up in my tongue.  It must have been a sight seeing a group of hikers on the side of the trail saying," I don't see it," "Id es en mah ounge!"  After a few minutes my husband spotted the prickly and saved my life by pulling it out of my tongue!  Oh boy...what a day!

We did learn a few things on this trip-one that is was way too long for baby, and too hot as well.  We ended up having to give her some baby Tylenol when we got home because she wasn't feeling well.  I also learned this-if babies were not so resilient and our God wasn't a gracious God, I would have probably broken her already...  I worry about her way too much at times.  So we will have to stick with short little hiking trips for our precious baby girl!

Here are a couple pictures from our trip.  I cannot wait until Baby is bigger so we can take her on another amazing hiking trip!  For now though, I am content to enjoy her littleness.

 Baby girl was about done! Lauri was an amazing baby carrier!

Stretching out!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Real Food?

It has been ten thousand years sense I have posted last!  Life has gotten busy, and being a new mommy has brought on new adventures!

Our precious baby girl is 18 weeks already!  She is starting to wake up at all hours of the night again due to what she thinks is starvation... so we decided to try her on some rice cereal.  The first time was quite the adventure!  She couldn't quite figure out what to do with the solid food, or even what to think!  I guess she thought, in the end, it was better to wear it instead!

Hear are a handful of pictures we captured of this new adventure:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who needs Sleep?

Being a new mother can be a little rough at times...  It is hard balancing life, work, baby, and me time.  When baby goes to sleep I have all this free time to get stuff done.  So instead of me taking a nap with her, I run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything done with school and cleaning and cooking.

I have had a lot of people tell me-don't be dumb!  Sleep when baby sleeps!  It's true, I should sleep when she sleeps.  BUT that is a lot easier said than done!  Eventually my husband will get to the point where he will get sick of wearing the same pair of underwear for the 7th day in a row...  He may realize someday that we have had cereal for dinner everyday for the last couple of weeks, and he may decide he doesn't like walking into a messy house everyday.  (Don't get me wrong, he is a very hard worker and helps out a lot, but he has a strenuous job working up to 12 hours a day doing construction and landscaping.)

I was complaining to a dear friend the other day about how exhausted I was... I had a couple of melt downs that day due to shear exhaustion...  Again she reminded me that I really needed to sleep when baby sleeps... But she said something else that made it all sink in: "Sometimes the Godliest thing you can do during a day is to just sleep.  Set everything else aside and rest."

Sleeping Godly???  I guess it makes sense.  My job is being a wife to my husband and taking care of him, and being a mother to my baby by taking care of her, but if I am so delusional from lack of sleep-how can I take charge and fulfill my roles as a Godly woman?  A Godly woman God has helped me become?

All this to say, goodnight folks.  I am going to go take a nap before baby decides to wake up.  She can sleep almost anywhere, so I guess I should learn to do the same!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jesus Loves Me

This morning my husband, baby and I visited my parents and their church.  We were of course running late... angry at each other because we were late...and on top of that I did not have any breakfast so I was grouchy.  When we finally got to the church, our cuter than life baby was screaming her head off because she was starving and the world was ending... at least that's what she thought.  Instead of going into the sanctuary, we headed straight for the nursery, where upon arrival I got spat up on.  Wonderful.  Baby got held and cooed over by the nursery workers, fed and calmed down.

FINALLY...almost 45 minutes late...  We walked into the church service where they were singing the last worship song.  I was not in a pleasant mood at that point.  On our way into the service, grandma was coming out to see where we were.  She of course grabbed her precious grand baby and walked right back up the center isle of the church and went to where we were sitting... in the very front.  I think she did this on purpose so she could show off her wonderful new granddaughter...

The last song had ended, and from the row right behind ours, an elderly gentleman, he looked to be in his late 80's, and had either dementia or alzheimers, started to sing out loud, "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.."  Before his son could quiet him, the whole church joined him.  The acapella song filled the building, and tears began rolling down the faces of grown men.  This simple child's song reminded us all of when we were children, and how simple life was-how simple our faith was... when we used to happy and content with the fact that... Jesus loves me...and Jesus loves you...  There was no questioning that love.  The bible told us that was true.  What more do you need to know to believe that?

Tears also formed in my eyes.  The morning was spent rushing around and running behind, being angry with my husband and getting into an argument where not so nice words were passed back and forth..  Yet even through all that ugliness... Jesus still loves me...

How wonderful is that?  To know we serve a God who will endure all of our ugliness, whether it is directed at him, or each other, and still love us?  Yes Jesus loves me.  For this I am forever grateful, and tho I may never see that man again here on this earth, I want to thank him for bringing us all to our knees this morning, and for reminding us of this simple fact:  Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Angel Face

Two weeks have already gone by.  We thought she was going be one of those babies who slept well through the night, only waking up one or two times to be fed and changed.  At least that is what she had been doing the last two weeks.  Until last night...

Last night our precious baby girl decided she was going to be a night owl and stay up until 3:30 in the morning.  Which would have been fine I guess if she did not decide to wake up at 5am bright eyed and bushy tailed.  I guess that was partly my fault because we just let her sleep all day...  She was just so precious laying there on her play mat all cuddly and cute I could not bear to wake her.  Never again.  She's not so cute around 3:30 in the morning....

I love watching her grow and change.  Sometimes I get a little emotional just thinking about how fast she has grown... But I am going to blame that on the crazy hormones that are still racing through my body..  She gets more of an angel face everyday!  I cannot wait to see what she will look like when she is older... She has dark hair just like I did when I was born, but she definitely has her daddy's face!  Will her hair stay dark like her grandma's hair?  Or will it lighten up like mine did and go blond for a while?  Is she going to be really tall and slender like her daddy?  Or be cursed like all the little munchkin people on my mom's side of the family... ;)

Then again... I think I can wait... if I could freeze time for a little while longer I would.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

One week later...

This last week has been amazing, tiring, emotional, and just plain super.  Last Sunday I gave birth to a precious little girl.  I keep falling in love with her every time I see her face, or hear her cry, or listen to her coos.  She is a really happy and content baby so far.  It's the end of the week and she only wakes up once or twice during the night.  I can hardly remember what life was like before she got here, and I don't want to.  Her daddy never wants to put her down!  She already has him trained!  :)  One look at that angel face, and you would be hooked too.  I have never experienced this kind of love before, there is nothing like a mothers love.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baby Aliza Marie

Angel Face
Born May 8th, 2011
7pounds 9 ounces

This is the best Mothers Day gift I could have ever asked for.

I know I have a funny face in this picture... but it all happened so fast I was still in shock!  Less than three hours of labor... and out pops this little angel.  I am truly blessed.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Oh Baby...

It is two days past my due date... no big deal right?  I am patient, waiting for this kid to make her debut.  Sometimes a little anxious, sometimes nervous, and to be honest, sometimes just flat out scared, but I am ready.  I know it will all happen in Gods timing-that is obvious, nothing happens that is not in His plans!  This brings me comfort knowing that every moment spent waiting and preparing is a moment he has given me. 

Funny things have happened to me sense I started to show my 'bump.'  Strangers feel free to give advice-whether good or bad.  One time I had a woman practically follow me into a bathroom stall!  Friends share with me pregnant stories-whether they are their own or their mothers.  I guess it doesn't matter if you have 'been there, done that' or not, they still give their advice and comments.  'Go natural for this is a gift God has given women!'  'If you don't get an epidural you will die, I promise!'  'I had a friend who was three weeks late and popped out an eleven pound baby!'  'You should just get a c-section, it's way easier.'  'Giving birth scares me-who wants to be in labor for 72 hours???'  'I can tell, you are going to be at least two months late.'

I personally have learned to throw half the 'advice' I have been given.  There are those I want to hit over a head with a two by four-Why on earth would you tell a soon to be new mother such terrible stories??  How am I supposed to find comfort in the fact that you had the worst pregnancy on the planet then labored for 48 hrs and had to go in for an emergency c-section anyways????  I wonder what goes through someones mind when they share things like that.  So, unfortunately, I have learned to ignore it, or to find the humor in it all.  On the other hand, I do have a handful of pleasant stories.  THANK YOU to those women who have decided that it is best to NOT try and scare the crap out of me.  It is very much appreciated.  As for the rest of you-you can continue telling your horror stories AFTER I give birth.  I promise it will be much better that way. :) 

I am enjoying these last moments with my husband, with puffy, swollen, and bruised feet all the way!  Even though my back is killing me, my joints are starting to throb, and it is starting to hurt when I walk, we find enjoyable moments and time to make memories.  We are aware that things will never be the same, but if we were to be 100 percent honest, my husband and I would prefer to have a baby in our arms right now with endless nights of no sleep and dirty diapers coming out our ears!  It is a journey we have been waiting for. 

So baby, I know you will come when you are ready, but I just wanted to let you know: We are ready and waiting for you!  You don't have to be scared, we will love you and take care of you and give you everything you need.  You are a precious gift God has given us, and I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you in it.

Mommy and Daddy

Monday, May 2, 2011

It never slows down.

Osama Bin Laden has been killed.  The world is celebrating.  My husband and I talked to a handful of potential supporters today.  We are celebrating.  I am 40 weeks pregnant, therefore the baby is going to be here soon!  I am celebrating!!!

There are so many things happening in our lives and around the world!  Sometimes I feel like I can hardly catch my breath.  At times it seems like life is a mix of anxious nerves, tears of sadness, and moments filled with joy... it is a never ending cycle of feelings and emotions.

There is a lot on my mind tonight, but for now I will leave you with a picture, a wonderful picture.  A picture of someone I am anxious to meet!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Last night I watched The Passion of Christ for the first time.  I have seen little bits and pieces of the movie before, but I have never watched it all the way through.  Though I have read about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus so many times before, while watching the movie, something else caught my attention.  I understand that the movie is Mel Gibson's spin on what happened, but I think he got one thing right-Mary's breaking heart.

Will I be a mother like Mary?  Knowing that the whole time I am raising my child that God is going to take that precious baby and use them for great things?  All the while knowing those great things will break my heart, and possibly crush my soul?  I want God to use my child to do great and marvelous things!  I want my child to continue to change people lives during her live as well as long after she is taken home to be with Jesus.  No matter how that happens, no matter what that looks like, I want my baby girl to leave an impression on the world that will continually bring people to Christ.

There is a scene during the movie when Jesus was walking with his cross and stumbled to the ground.  Mary had a flash back of Jesus when he we little and fell, she went running to him to make sure he was ok.  When Jesus stumbled to the ground, Mary did what any mother would do, she ran to him because she wanted to help-knowing all the while that she could not help her son this time.  Her son was in pain and nothing she could do would help stop the pain he was feeling-both physical and emotional.

During the movie, a line was said by Mary that struck a personal chord with me, "Flesh of my flesh... Heart of my heart... My son, let me die with you."  Two years ago God took a precious friend of mine home to be with him in heaven.  When Mary was saying those words, all I could imagine was my friends her mother laying in the hospital bed right next to her as her spirit floated away towards heaven saying those same words.

God used this young woman in so many wonderful ways, and she is STILL making an impact on peoples lives to this day, and I know she will continue to make an impact for years to come.  But is that supposed to make everything better?  Make all the hurt and pain go away?  I am almost positive that after Jesus died Mary wasn't jumping up and down squealing with joy and shouting, "Yay, my baby boy changed the world!"  I know she knew that in her heart, but the pain was still there.  Knowing that he suffered a great deal before his death.  Knowing that some of his closest friends denied him.  Knowing that people who just welcomed him with open arms a few days before were now betraying him.  How is a mothers heart supposed to feel joy through all that pain?

I feel like some things were meant only for a mothers heart to understand.  Though I am almost there... I have not held my baby in my arms.  I can only understand on such a minor level...  And even then I come no where close to relating to Mary or my friends mother. 

Being a mother is a gift God gave to women.  God made me a woman, therefore I am made to do this- give birth to precious life and raise the children he has given to me.  Sometimes that feels like such a scary road to take, it is definitely not an easy road and I know I can't do it on my own knowing all the fears and failures I will face in the future.  I have been blessed with a wonderful husband to help me during the hard times and to comfort me.  God has promised to help me every step of the way, and I know I can't do this without him.

All this to say, I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, and I commend the mothers out there who feel like they have been stretched too thin.  Which in most cases, you have, but know this, it is ok to feel every emotion.  It is ok to cry tears of anger and have moments of laughter right after each other.  Why? Because God is good, God is great, and God is perfect.  Knowing that we have a perfect God, means you don't have to be.  I personally find peace in knowing that.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Air Niugini TV Commercial

I spent the last two years of high school over in Papua New Guinea where my parents served as missionaries for a few years.  It seems like recently a lot of PNG mk's and former PNG missionaries are becoming very sentimental about their time on that little island.  
The time I spent in PNG changed my life forever.  It made me realize that there is a huge need to share the gospel with those who do not know it-or have never held a Bible in their hand-in their OWN language.  I am getting more and more excited for the future God has planned for my family and I.
Sometimes it is hard to be patient.  I want to go NOW God!!  Send me NOW!!!  I still have a lot to learn, as far as academic education, and what it means to be a woman of God when it comes to raising a family and supporting a husband.  God's timing is perfect, and everything he does happens for a reason.  I can take comfort in the fact that I am safe and secure in my Heavenly Fathers arms!

I hope you all enjoy this commercial!  It brings back a lot of memories for me.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby will be here soon!

I has been a long 36 weeks!  Soon our baby girl will be here in our arms ready to be loved!  So, I guess I am starting to get a  little excited.  Ok... maybe a LOT excited!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baby Bump

It has been ages sense I have blogged!  Time keeps getting away from me I guess.  I am starting to find out that it doesn't matter how busy you get, life never gives you a moment to slow down, and when there is down time, you have to fight to hold onto it before another busy moment or project decides to take over.

6 weeks left and I will officially be a mommy.  Compared to several months ago 6 weeks should seem like a piece of cake!  I am starting to get to the stage where everything hurts... my back... my hips... my tail bone... my feet... even the little joints in my hands!  I am very swollen and puffy, currently I feel like a beached whale.  I keep teasing my husband that we are going to buy our next kid.  I am ready to have this baby out of my belly and into my arms!!!  All I want to do these days is sleep... if I am not sleeping all I want to do is be grouchy and whine and complain!  For my husband, this pregnancy has been pretty easy until recently.  If he was paid a dollar for every time he gave me a foot rub in the last week he would be a billionaire already and probably would have left the country by now!  Any woman would be lucky to have him, and I am blessed to call him mine! :)  He likes to keep reminding me of this miracle God has given me-to nourish and grow a baby from nothing into a human being inside of my body.  Though I have to be completely honest... most days it feels more like a curse than a miracle!  I have to keep reminding myself that God is good, God is faithful, I am HIS, and he never gives me anything more than I can handle!

The other day we had a maternity photo shoot.  A good friend of ours we used to work with took them-she also took our engagement photos.  I thought it was pretty neat for her to be there and capture these fast progressing stages in our lives.  If you have a moment-check out her photography blog:

I am also going to post a few of my favorite ones from the shoot as well!  Enjoy the fluffiness my friends! :)