Sunday, January 30, 2011

True Love-Phil Wickham (with Matt Chandler & CJ Mahaney)

Friday, January 28, 2011


I love to take pictures, especially of beautiful things.  Here are some flower and scenery pictures that I took when I lived over seas several years ago in Papua New Guinea.  I am looking into investing in another camera so I can continue taking pictures and collecting memories.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Village People.

The further along I get in this pregnancy the more I am learning about what it means to be a woman, and all the emotions that come with being an expecting mommy.  Some feelings and emotions are exciting, while others are rather frightening.  One thing I find comforting through this whole process is: I have a support system of amazing people who have been helping me and encouraging me.  You have probably heard the saying, 'It takes a whole village to raise a child.'  I also believe that not only does it take that whole village to raise a child, but the village is also there to keep new mommies sane until they figure out what's going on!

All this to say, to all my village friends: Thank you.  Thank you for supporting me and encouraging me.  Thank you for sharing your stories and the fears you had when you were going to be a new mommy or daddy.  Thank you for reminding me that it will all be ok because God is bigger and stronger than myself, and He would never give me anything that I couldn't handle.  It doesn't matter how bogged down I get with life or how difficult the journey is, I know I can trust in God to pull me through.  To be perfectly honest, I don't see how I can do this any other way.

Though you have made me see troubles,
   many and bitter,
   you will restore my life again;
from the depths of the earth
   you will again bring me up.
                                               -Psalm 71v20

Sunday, January 23, 2011


It's not something I used to be into. But I guess having a handful of obsessed girlfriends and a husband who likes to keep up with the scores, it's not hard to believe that after all these years of my protesting, I finally got sucked in. And to be honest, like any other sport, the more I understand it and the more I get into it, the more fun football gets. Secretly I have always been partial to the Steelers. It might be that they are amazing and have a really put together team. Or it could just be their obsessive crazy following of fans that tend to be more cultish than not. Either way, I am almost confident that they will beat the Jets and make it to the super bowl.
I have to be honest though, I would much rather be watching ice skating or soccer... but I guess I cannot have it all at once. Either way, it's fun to sit back and relax with my husband while he throws empty water bottles at the screen whenever his team is screwing up. He just gets sucked into the moment...  I think our baby girl will be a football fan as well, every time her daddy gets excited she starts kicking!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

All that I Wonder...

I never truly understood unconditional love until I got married, and again when I got pregnant. I never knew how difficult it was for God to watch his only son die until I started carrying a child in my womb. I can only imagine the fear and pain Mary felt just knowing that one day her precious baby would have to be put to death for not only her sins, but the sins of the whole world. She spent nine months wondering what baby Jesus would look like, what his favorite activities would be, if he would like to sing or tell jokes. Nine months of dreaming about her precious baby, and knowing the whole time that his life here on this earth would be cut short because of God's will. Nine months knowing that her baby boy would be sacrificed so that she and who-so-ever believed in Him could be saved. I imagine that life with her son Jesus was bittersweet. Her wanting to spend as much time with him as possible and making memories for her to hold onto before she could no longer make anymore memories... or hold him anymore..

There are days when wonder what my baby will be like? Will she have green eyes like her daddy, curly hair like I did when I was a child? Will she be strong willed and stubborn, or the peace maker? Is she going to be the next Joan of Ark or Tanya Harding? Will she have to lay down her life to save another? Could I handle that?

I don't know if it is normal or not to keep asking myself all these questions. I do know my whole life is about to change. Everyday I am still pregnant and I can feel her move or kick, I can't help but dream about what she will be like. Sometimes I do think about the worst. Other times it is just about playing with her on the floor. The one thing I can hold onto is this: God is in control, everything happens according to his plan, and God never gives you anything that is heavier than you can handle.

Monday, January 10, 2011

I want to be your Hands.

Jesus use me, move in me, let me be your hands. I want to tell the world of your wondrous love!! Instill in me a passion for your word and your people.  Help me to become brave to tell others about your saving grace.

Matt Papa - Open Hands - Official Video

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oh Baby!

Life has been a roller coaster these last nine months or so. I married the most wonderful man on the planet. I started taking more classes towards some unknown degree... Found out I was pregnant... I guess my husband and I didn't think it was really that easy. We were planning on waiting 5 years or so to start a family, but I guess God had other plans.

Being pregnant has had its highs and lows from the very beginning. Apparently, like most everything in my life, everyone else around me knew I was pregnant way before I did. The day I decided to find out for myself, I was at the grocery store with my adopted grandpa. I stopped off in the restroom when we got to the store. Later in the produce section he stopped me and asked quite awkwardly, 'Shyla, I don't mean to be rude or anything, but, are you sure your not pregnant? Because you sure do go to the bathroom a lot.' After I calmed down from laughing my head off, I informed him that my frequent bathroom stops did not mean I was pregnant!

Well, after that I was curious... I didn't feel any different, at this point anyways. My clothes were a little more snug than normal, but my weight has been up and down my whole life. So I went home and tested for pregnancy. And I tested again....and again... I had to make sure. To make sure it was %100 what the tests said they were, I called my mother... 'Mom, what does it mean when there are two pink solid lines on a pregnancy test?' Instantly she start yelling and screaming and crying and saying that she was going to be a grandma. Crap.

I sat down at the kitchen table...and to be honest, a handful of not so nice words spilled out. I went through moments of rage to moments of excitement. Thoughts flew through my brain at a thousand miles an hour...your too just got don't know how to be a mommy... you can't afford this... At that point I decided to call the husband, while he was at work.. 'Hi babe, how are you? Umm... I'm pregnant.' CLICK! (it was him who hung up, not me) Two hours later he called me back to make sure what I said was, well, what I said. After the shock wore off he was the most excited daddy to be I had ever seen!

No one ever told me how sick you could get while being pregnant, unfortunately I had to find out the hard way... For two months I was stuck in bed or with my face in the porcelain throne all day and night waiting to die. I couldn't go to work and I had to drop out of my classes because I was so MISERABLE and sick. During this time I thought about Eve back in Genesis when God told her he was going to increase her labor pains and make pregnancy a more difficult after she ate from the forbidden fruit. These thoughts were not pleasant thoughts mind you.. If only I could go back in time and slap some sense into Eve...

Right now I am almost 24 weeks along and feeling AMAZING!!! I still have days where I worship the porcelain throne, but those are far and very few between. I am grateful for this wonderful miracle that God has blessed us with! Even though it was quite easy to come by... He has given my husband and I a great responsibility-to raise a human being to become more and more like Jesus, to walk in faith day by day, and to make a life long impact on those around her. Yes her. We will be bring a little girl into the world.

Currently, all I see is pink and bows and flowers! I have decided that I have to get all the dresses and girlyness in while I still can before her dad starts taking her rock climbing, mud pie making, and on long shower-less bug filled camping trips! Until then, I am enjoying all the naps and quiet time I can get before it all gets thrown out the window.