Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baby Bump

It has been ages sense I have blogged!  Time keeps getting away from me I guess.  I am starting to find out that it doesn't matter how busy you get, life never gives you a moment to slow down, and when there is down time, you have to fight to hold onto it before another busy moment or project decides to take over.

6 weeks left and I will officially be a mommy.  Compared to several months ago 6 weeks should seem like a piece of cake!  I am starting to get to the stage where everything hurts... my back... my hips... my tail bone... my feet... even the little joints in my hands!  I am very swollen and puffy, currently I feel like a beached whale.  I keep teasing my husband that we are going to buy our next kid.  I am ready to have this baby out of my belly and into my arms!!!  All I want to do these days is sleep... if I am not sleeping all I want to do is be grouchy and whine and complain!  For my husband, this pregnancy has been pretty easy until recently.  If he was paid a dollar for every time he gave me a foot rub in the last week he would be a billionaire already and probably would have left the country by now!  Any woman would be lucky to have him, and I am blessed to call him mine! :)  He likes to keep reminding me of this miracle God has given me-to nourish and grow a baby from nothing into a human being inside of my body.  Though I have to be completely honest... most days it feels more like a curse than a miracle!  I have to keep reminding myself that God is good, God is faithful, I am HIS, and he never gives me anything more than I can handle!

The other day we had a maternity photo shoot.  A good friend of ours we used to work with took them-she also took our engagement photos.  I thought it was pretty neat for her to be there and capture these fast progressing stages in our lives.  If you have a moment-check out her photography blog:

I am also going to post a few of my favorite ones from the shoot as well!  Enjoy the fluffiness my friends! :)