Thursday, June 9, 2011

Who needs Sleep?

Being a new mother can be a little rough at times...  It is hard balancing life, work, baby, and me time.  When baby goes to sleep I have all this free time to get stuff done.  So instead of me taking a nap with her, I run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything done with school and cleaning and cooking.

I have had a lot of people tell me-don't be dumb!  Sleep when baby sleeps!  It's true, I should sleep when she sleeps.  BUT that is a lot easier said than done!  Eventually my husband will get to the point where he will get sick of wearing the same pair of underwear for the 7th day in a row...  He may realize someday that we have had cereal for dinner everyday for the last couple of weeks, and he may decide he doesn't like walking into a messy house everyday.  (Don't get me wrong, he is a very hard worker and helps out a lot, but he has a strenuous job working up to 12 hours a day doing construction and landscaping.)

I was complaining to a dear friend the other day about how exhausted I was... I had a couple of melt downs that day due to shear exhaustion...  Again she reminded me that I really needed to sleep when baby sleeps... But she said something else that made it all sink in: "Sometimes the Godliest thing you can do during a day is to just sleep.  Set everything else aside and rest."

Sleeping Godly???  I guess it makes sense.  My job is being a wife to my husband and taking care of him, and being a mother to my baby by taking care of her, but if I am so delusional from lack of sleep-how can I take charge and fulfill my roles as a Godly woman?  A Godly woman God has helped me become?

All this to say, goodnight folks.  I am going to go take a nap before baby decides to wake up.  She can sleep almost anywhere, so I guess I should learn to do the same!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jesus Loves Me

This morning my husband, baby and I visited my parents and their church.  We were of course running late... angry at each other because we were late...and on top of that I did not have any breakfast so I was grouchy.  When we finally got to the church, our cuter than life baby was screaming her head off because she was starving and the world was ending... at least that's what she thought.  Instead of going into the sanctuary, we headed straight for the nursery, where upon arrival I got spat up on.  Wonderful.  Baby got held and cooed over by the nursery workers, fed and calmed down.

FINALLY...almost 45 minutes late...  We walked into the church service where they were singing the last worship song.  I was not in a pleasant mood at that point.  On our way into the service, grandma was coming out to see where we were.  She of course grabbed her precious grand baby and walked right back up the center isle of the church and went to where we were sitting... in the very front.  I think she did this on purpose so she could show off her wonderful new granddaughter...

The last song had ended, and from the row right behind ours, an elderly gentleman, he looked to be in his late 80's, and had either dementia or alzheimers, started to sing out loud, "Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.."  Before his son could quiet him, the whole church joined him.  The acapella song filled the building, and tears began rolling down the faces of grown men.  This simple child's song reminded us all of when we were children, and how simple life was-how simple our faith was... when we used to happy and content with the fact that... Jesus loves me...and Jesus loves you...  There was no questioning that love.  The bible told us that was true.  What more do you need to know to believe that?

Tears also formed in my eyes.  The morning was spent rushing around and running behind, being angry with my husband and getting into an argument where not so nice words were passed back and forth..  Yet even through all that ugliness... Jesus still loves me...

How wonderful is that?  To know we serve a God who will endure all of our ugliness, whether it is directed at him, or each other, and still love us?  Yes Jesus loves me.  For this I am forever grateful, and tho I may never see that man again here on this earth, I want to thank him for bringing us all to our knees this morning, and for reminding us of this simple fact:  Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.