Friday, September 23, 2011

Learning From New Adventures.

The other day my wonderful family and super duper friend Lauri went hiking.  I had a lot of fun, but I have this terrible habbit of leaving everyone behind!  I get in this strange gung-ho hiking mindset and just can't stop!  Which wasn't the best towards the end of the trip considering I ended up being the only one with water in the end....

It was about four hours round trip from beginning to the end.  With baby with us we had to make a lot of pit stops in shady places.  While we were hiking Lauri spotted some prickly pear, so being the adventurous bunch we are, we had to try some.  In the end this proved to be a terrible idea for me...  My husband being the wonderful man he is, thought he pealed all the prickle's off the prickly pear.  Unfortunately the one prickle that was left behind ended up in my tongue.  It must have been a sight seeing a group of hikers on the side of the trail saying," I don't see it," "Id es en mah ounge!"  After a few minutes my husband spotted the prickly and saved my life by pulling it out of my tongue!  Oh boy...what a day!

We did learn a few things on this trip-one that is was way too long for baby, and too hot as well.  We ended up having to give her some baby Tylenol when we got home because she wasn't feeling well.  I also learned this-if babies were not so resilient and our God wasn't a gracious God, I would have probably broken her already...  I worry about her way too much at times.  So we will have to stick with short little hiking trips for our precious baby girl!

Here are a couple pictures from our trip.  I cannot wait until Baby is bigger so we can take her on another amazing hiking trip!  For now though, I am content to enjoy her littleness.

 Baby girl was about done! Lauri was an amazing baby carrier!

Stretching out!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Real Food?

It has been ten thousand years sense I have posted last!  Life has gotten busy, and being a new mommy has brought on new adventures!

Our precious baby girl is 18 weeks already!  She is starting to wake up at all hours of the night again due to what she thinks is starvation... so we decided to try her on some rice cereal.  The first time was quite the adventure!  She couldn't quite figure out what to do with the solid food, or even what to think!  I guess she thought, in the end, it was better to wear it instead!

Hear are a handful of pictures we captured of this new adventure: