Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sometimes I am a slacker.

I love the idea of having a blog and writing in it every week.  I love the idea of having hundreds of followers who's lives I can touch.  The truth is, I am  a slacker.  I love to write but I don't do it.  I feel like I never have time!  Life keeps on getting more and more busy.. especially with baby #2 on the way!

One thing I am learning though: No matter how busy life gets, no matter how many babies you have, or how many appointments with others you need to keep, if you do not set aside some time for YOU and do things YOU love, life will quickly become depressing and meaningless. have been given gifts and talents, hobbies and likes.  Some are meant to help others, some are meant for my pure pleasure.  I need to remember to work on some hobbies every once in a while to keep my sanity!  Recently, I have been 're-learning' hobbies that I once loved, and re-finding my adventurous side.

Being a mommy has been amazing, and I would not trade it for anything!  I would have never have guessed that this new role in my life would be so fulfilling.  I love taking care of my family!  (Now, if you knew me several years ago, you would know that I was singing a totally different song then!)  God definitely has a sense of humor... I thought I would find joy and be happy doing something else with my life... But God drug me kicking and screaming until I arrived at this wonderful new place!  He has firmly said, I told you so, patted me on the head, and gave me a push in the right direction.

Wonderful family.  Check.
New found mommy love.  Check.
Fun hobby and alone time to retain sanity.  Checkity-check!!

Here is a recent family photo: I am 28 weeks pregnant!  My precious little girl is now 20 months!