Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Find a Happy Place.

I wish I had nice things to say about this last week, but I don't.  To be honest, I wish this last week never happened.  A giant column of fire could have fallen from the sky and struck me down, and yet, it still would have been a better week.  Well, maybe I am being slightly dramatic...

Water was leaking from the bathtub up stairs onto my kitchen counters and stove... water was pouring in through the front door during the couple of rain storms we had.... water, water every where!  I had a mean person remind me of my extra large, post baby, body size at the store... I am feeling like a hormonal teenager... but no big deal.  I only had a mental break down last week.

We have all had weeks like that.  Weeks when we are pretty sure that we are going to break and things will never get put back together.  Weeks where you want to sit and eat a pound of chocolate every day... Weeks where you are stuck in a valley and are pretty sure you are going to live there forever...  No good, bad, awful, terrible weeks.

Before I knew it another week started and I was still full of stress and anxiety... and there is still a hole in my kitchen ceiling.. which smelled.. and was full of mold... until a wonderful friend came and treated it.  (Thank you friend!)

But, you know how God is, he likes to bless people... even in the midst of our 'suffering.'  This morning my husband ended up having the day off of work.. I don't know about you, but whenever my husband has a surprise day off of work, that is always a good day in my book. ;)

We decided to sneak out this morning and do some hiking and exploring around the agricultural center.  I finally had my 'break' from last week... I was reminded again, that no matter how bad things get, I have still been blessed with three of the biggest blessings in the world: my husband, and two angel faced daughters.  That alone triumphs anything that is no good, bad, awful, and terrible.  I had lost sight of the wonderful and the good.. I could only focus on the bad...

I love my lil' fam-bam, and I love how they can make any place a happy place..


  1. You are a FABULOUS wife and momma and I hope one day I can be as awesome as you :) And your fam-bam is gorgeous. I love your attitude and your effort to make it a one of thanks and gratefulness even when you just want to run your house over with your car and keep driving ;) LOVE YOU