Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another first!

Last week baby number two who is now getting close to eight months said her first set of words!  She has been saying dadadada for a while now, but I personal don't think baby babble counts.  Now if she was saying, mamamama, I might have said otherwise!

She was sitting in her high chair wanting to get down, the hubby and I have been lazily trying to teach her baby sign language, mostly because she likes to yell a lot until she gets what she wants... We were hoping it would help her become a little more.. Calm? Peaceful? Quiet??? The hubs and I were both trying to teach her the all done hand signal.  Baby number one picked up on sign language pretty quickly, so we were assuming it would be the same this time, not really paying any attention to the fact that every baby is different!

What she did next shocked us both!  As we were ridiculously trying to get her to mimic our hand signals, she yelled, "ALL DONE!!!!" As loud as she could at the top of her lungs!  Whoa!  I got the point... She needed down right away and couldn't bother with silly grown up games...

All done is a lot different than baby number ones first set of words: I love you!  I am constantly amazed over the fact that these little baby humans that were put in my care are so gosh darn different!  All rules were thrown out the window... We have to start from scratch with each child.  No wonder my brain cannot keep up!

Gods sense of beauty and humor never ceases to amaze me. :)

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