Thursday, March 20, 2014

I am 'That' mom.

There I was, sitting in the car wash killing the minutes, drinking my coffee, with no plans to go home.  I was just wasting time.  My only plans were to drive around or sit in empty parking lots for as long as I had to.  I hate to admit this, because I used to think it was so silly when I heard stories of other mothers doing this.  But I was desperate, and my stubborn pride was tossed out the car window. 

I had sleeping baby in the back seat, and there was no way I was going to wake her up.  Gosh darn it all!  I just needed a moment of peace and quiet!!!

You would think that my now eleven month old would be sleeping through the night already... But, not my child.  Not my sweet precious angel faced child.  Her big sister was playing at a friends house, I was planning on just dropping off child #1 and going straight home with child #2 to get some cleaning done.  Then it happened.  That sweet squishy faced baby who screamed all night long, who screams whenever I leave the room, who screams every time her daddy puts her down... she fell asleep.. and it was completely silent.  I could finally breathe.

So there you have it: I am 'that' mom.  I have became the mother that I had made fun of in the past. 

My perfect ideal life would be, that I would have kids and their lives would revolve around mine, not take over my life.  Some people might be able to pull that off... but during that moment as I sat in the car wash a light bulb turned on.  These so called crazy mothers were just trying to survive!  Through all the craziness being a mother brings, you just have to steal that moment of peaceful silence whenever and where ever you can grab it!  Whether that means leaving your sleeping toddler on the couch sometimes instead of carrying them to their bed... or staying in your car an extra forty-five minutes because your baby fell asleep in the back seat.

I learned a valuable lesson that day as I sat in the car wash drinking my coffee with a sleeping baby in the back...  I learned that I judge too much.  Mama's we are all going through this together!  We should encourage one another.. because we are all longing for that moment of peaceful silence..  So instead of telling that mama who drives around in her car to help her baby sleep she is silly... Lift her up and acknowledge that she is doing the best she can!