Thursday, May 28, 2015

Spiritual Warfare at its finest.

I have not used this blog in nearly a year.. but so much has happened this week, I thought I would write it down here to get everyone up to date.

For the last two weeks, the girls have been battling a super virus.  For one or two days they would be fine, then the next day they would throw up, etc.  This past Sunday, Aliza was her hyper, normal self, we thought we had finally beaten the bug.  Until Monday came around.  Memorial day morning, Aliza came into our room to tell us she threw up.  We put her in the tub to clean her up where she started to complain that the water was too loud, and the lights were hurting her eyes.  Daddy pulled her out and laid her on our bed, where she passed out and we watched her slowly turn yellow and her lips shrivel up.  It was then we decided to take her to the emergency room at the children's hospital.

That is when my whole world slowed down.

After hours of trying to get her to drink fluid so she would urinate, the doctors decided to do some blood work and start her on an I.V.  We assumed that Aliza would be let go later that afternoon.  We were wrong.  One of the doctors walked back into the room and announced that Aliza was not going anywhere and needed to stay the night.  She was so dehydrated she was acidotic, and had urine and waste backing up in her blood stream and system.  Aliza was starting to have heart murmurs.  The doctor advised us, that if they did not get her to urinate soon, the next step would be organ failure due to how dehydrated she was. 

Possible Organ failure.  Three weeks after her fourth birthday.  How was that even possible?  She had shown no signs in the days prior.  My poor angel face could not even stay awake due to all of the toxins in her little body...

My world came crashing down as I realized my four year old was just thrown into a moment where she had to fight for her life.  Just like that.  With no warning.  It still devastates me to say that, even now.

Finally.. after bags of fluid... Aliza urinated!!!  Several hours later.. she did it again!  And again!  Praise God!  We were out of the danger zone.  Her color finally came back, and she passed out and slept through the night.

After more blood work to confirm Aliza was in the clear, the doctors announced that she was safe.  One moment later, she was fine.  At that moment, I was very aware that God gives and takes away at his will.  It was a very powerful moment for me.  Thank you to all the prayer warriors that were up all night praying for my angel face.  In the span of two days... we saw death, then we were given life again.

Our next steps:  We are still waiting on two more tests to see why this happened to Aliza.  She has been cleared to continue on with life as normal.. as long as she carries her water bottle around with her.  Four different doctors have encouraged Karl and I to continue on with our trip as normal, that we should not worry about Aliza getting so sick again.  As her mother, I still worry, but medically, she is safe and sound.

Pray that this mamas heart recovers, and that I can trust the grandparents to take good care of the girls while Karl and I are gone.

Praise God for his grace and mercy he has poured out on us.  We have made it through this battle that the devil was trying to hold us back from our calling by going to India.  We leave this Monday.

Here are a handful of pictures of Aliza in the hospital.  After she started getting well again, she loved all the attention she received.